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January 13th, 2011

WOW-Really? to me!

I actually said out loud, “you haven’t really lived until you’ve dated someone half your age.”

It just flew out of my mouth after over hearing my co-workers say they would not date anyone younger than themselves.

One gal said, “how old are you anyway?” And then followed up with, “what do you have in common to talk about?”

I replied, ” that same things you talk about with guys your age.”

End of conversation. Wink. Wink.



September 19th, 2010

“Now that you have straight hair, you will find a boyfriend”

That’s what my good friend Cytra told me yesterday over the phone. She is convinced that her hair is the reason she now has a boyfriend. What do you think? What a waste to push aside personality as criteria for possible relationships


Feeling the 9am love on the Ave.

September 18th, 2010

“Am I having a heart attack, or am I in love?” “You tell me”

That’s what the well dressed man said to me as he looked directly at me through his dark sunglasses. At 9am, I could only burst into laughter. My life on 9th Ave. is a kick! It was only shocking because as he uttered those words I was thinking, “What happened to my “I looove you” guy. I really missed having the complete stranger tell me everyday as I walked down 36th street that he loved me and blessed me. I’m not sure why these people are congregated around the old church every morning. Rehab maybe? I found walking down 36th street much more pleasant than 37th street with having to catwalk the gauntlet of construction workers. I hope that this Heart Attack Mac becomes my new 9am blessing.

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