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June 18th, 2014



Was I truly in heaven?

Walking upon the clouds

Weightless, everything spinning around me

Yet, in perfect balance with the above and below

Firm, intentional footsteps

Sinking deep into the folds of fabric

Then floating back up into the landscape

Of soft peaks and valleys


Tiptoeing ever so quietly

Through the down comforter

Piled high as a mountain

On the floor at the foot of the bed


As I left the room, him, asleep

Entering back into my sad reality


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An Urban Garden on every Corner

July 18th, 2010

My corner deli-

The ROSE PETALS on 9th Ave. rested between the dirty fingers of the dirty man

Then floated down and landed in between his dirty toes

And finally slipped onto the dirty concrete

But I still wanted them

They were mine

To sprinkle on my sheets at night

Or float on the deep waters of my tub

Pink, red, yellow, white, peach, and even blue

Taking me on wings to places far away

From the dirty things in my mind.

Kisses from nature so close to home.

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From the Gut

July 18th, 2010

DIRTY SUMMER (version 2 the truth)
Paintin’ my walls
Makin’ the scuffs of summer fade away

With each brush stroke
I inhale the toxic touches
And exhale the clinging pain
Your hands prints
leave smudges of missed intentions
My body print
leaves a police chalk mark
Remnants of your desire
Trapped against the wall
Not wanting you to let go
The kitchen table beckons trouble
But remains unmarked

Paintin’ my walls
Makin’ the scuffs of summer fade away

And now the walls are clean
Hygienic is my body and soul
How we glisten and glow
Yet the Satin White Coat whispers
What lies beneath?