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September 26th, 2015

You know you are truly lonely when while riding the NYC subway you actually wish for unsolicited physical contact from strangers.

When I’m in my normal secure single girl mode I abhor anyone coming within 5 inches of my body. My daily crush hour commute sometimes traumatizes me being forced to squish against another human being. This year, while feeling especially vulnerable, I’ve opted to take the local train home. I can actually get a seat with the small fee of an extra 5 minutes added to my commute. My cats are now deceased which only adds to the crazy desire for the accidental brush against.

Therefore, when I’m lonely without any hugs for weeks…… brain gets nutty.

It’s these moments that I wish someone would fall asleep on my shoulder while I imagine that they are my sweetheart. Or imagine myself saying, “Hey Mr. Man spread could you open a bit wider so I can get that full leg on leg contact?” Or shamelessly wait for the B train to round that sharp turn as I accidently let go of the rail, and fall into someone’s lap.

The possibilities are endless. My favorite imaginary encounter is when someone smacks you off your feet with his or her backpack; you return the favor by hugging the person as you apologize for your unsteadiness. No harm done. Return the favor works quite nicely for the occasional bump or rub. You bump me and I bump you back.

So, the next time during your rush hour commute when someone smacks into you, try to turn your anger into compassion. Consider that this person might not have gotten a hug that day.

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