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WISH GRANTED (From Modern Prayers for Modern People)

April 5th, 2014
My heart remains in Hawaii

My heart remains in Hawaii

I carried my wish granting crystal in the coin pocket of my skinny jeans for four days. On Thursday I wished for a man. I begged for a man. I demanded a man. I even wined a bit hoping the universe would shower some kindness and compassion upon my blackened soul.

Dear Powers That Be,

Bless you for granting my wish.

Thank you for taking me out of my hell of incessant suffering and

removing me from the solitary confinement which sooths my soul.

Allowing me the pleasure of pressing my skin against another’s skin.

Breathing his breath as though it were my own.

Feeling his heart beat inside of my heart.

Experiencing pure ecstasy of looking into his eyes, looking into mine.

Merged with the infinite, for that moment, I no longer felt dead.

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