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January 19th, 2012

April 2010.  Cub #1 from the internet.  “Lethal Weapon”

I never thought that I would have to pay for sex. Women like me don’t have to. We are smart, sexy, and fun!

But, this was no mere play for pay experience.

This was a hook-up that went very wrong, with a little bit of right.

It was a hook-up that involved a trip to the emergency room, which ended up being very costly.

He was my official first cub from the website. Age 19.

He was beautiful and nameless. “Lethal Weapon” (my nickname for him) was an engineering student from Turkey that lived with his large family in New Jersey.

I was a successful designer, middle-aged, and living in Manhattan.

Our two worlds collided and when that happens, someone always has to pay.

C’EST La Vie!

Let the adventure begin!

CUB #1 the  “Lethal Weapon”

I paid for sex.

It was accidental.

He was beautiful and he was begging to be with me.

This stranger, so confidant, so aggressive.

He was nineteen, an engineering student, and was determined

to be the best.

A sex machine.

It would be a lie if I said that I hadn’t considered paying for sex.

In NYC relationships are haphazard, elusive, and complex.

Sex in the city is dangerous.

Lying because no truth is worth the risk of being wrong.

He was an engineer and that’s how he fucked.

Using his precision tool he carved out a piece of me

Sending me to the emergency room.

A “drill bit” so sharp and direct that there was no pain

as he tore my most sacred space.

It was an expensive indiscretion.

An ER bill of $7,800.00.

That was painful, the medical bill, but the emotional damages

were much worse.

I was his third victim. And cannot call the police.

With consensual sex there are no rights.

I paid for sex. It is recorded.